3 Reasons Everyone Should Try Bento

3 Reasons Everyone Should Try Bento

Getting my family started with Bento has definitely turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. When I talk to other people though, there’s plenty of desire to give it a try, but still some hesitation and that is completely understandable. After all, you’re making a big lifestyle change and it’s going to take a little bit of work to begin with, but what for? What are the benefits of Bento?

Healthy Eating

The entire concept of Bento is founded upon the 4...3...2...1 principle. Four portions of Carbs, 3 portions of protein, 2 portions of vegetables and 1 portion of fruit. Now this principle really applies to cooked meals, so for my family for instance, I tend to try to stick to 4...3...2...2, as my boys love their fruit!

Delicious Bento Lunch Box Meal

Before I switched to Bento, there was a lot of packaged foods. Just like any other parent, I found it easy to buy the box and put together a lunch that we’ve all become used to. A pair of sandwiches, packet of crisps, a snack bar and maybe a yogurt or some other dessert. Now? Well I think these pictures speak for themselves! :)

Healthy Lunch Box Bento


Cost Effective Eating

What I didn’t expect from changing to Bento was how much money it would save me. I thought I was buying cost effective foods by buying the biggest boxes, the foods on special and jumping on other deals. As it turns out, I can save even more by sticking to these healthy lunches for my family.

Before, I was buying lunch foods in bulk to use at lunch and maybe if they’re lucky, for a snack in the afternoon. When I changed to Bento, I was buying normal food like veggies, fruits and more for lunch as well as dinner and breakfast. Not only is my pantry less cluttered, it’s now got more of the good stuff in it!

Another surprising way I’ve found myself saving money, is with the impulse lunch buying. Instead of giving my eldest some money to buy lunch from the canteen at school, he’s happily taking a lunch he knows he’s going to enjoy. The same goes for my husband and myself! Instead of buying lunches on the go, we’re able to take leftovers or normal foods, saving both money and our health!


Brings Us Closer Together

I did know about this before I started, but whenever I get a comment from my boys, it makes the entire thing worth while. Knowing that the little things I do, whether making faces out of sliders, creating delicious fruit kebabs or just changing it up with rolling up sandwich bread, makes them happy, full and focused in class? That makes it worthwhile.

Creating lunches that stand out from the crowd will make your kids feel incredible. Knowing that mum or dad has taken the time to create such a fun, delicious, healthy lunch for them will make them feel more than special.


Thank you

Thank you so much for reading! Check out the rest of the blog and the store for great Bento Products!

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