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Simple Sushi

November 30, 2015

Simple Sushi


Sushi - We've all seen it, tasted it, loved it or admired the craft of it.  Some of us have even tried to make it.  Carefully spreading the rice, layering the fillings and delicately rolling the Nori (seaweed) paper in the hope that it doesn't tear.  Ahhh, Success!!  That is until you pick up that first piece and have all your carefully constructed goodies fall out, and your left with a empty piece of Nori.  It's certainly happened to me, and not just in my own presence!

Well not any more!!  I've searched endlessly to find the perfect Sushi Maker, making it easy for us to craft our own sushi day after day with ease.  Our Simple Sushi Maker really is just that, saving you loads in your lunch budget.  

Perfect in your Bento Box for school and work lunches, or wow guests when entertaining.  The Simple Sushi Maker gives you perfect sushi every time. 


You'll have everyone admiring your Sushi talents!!



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