Baby Penguin Rice Mould Set



Make cute rice balls in the shape of baby penguins! The kids will love them!  Perfect for the lunchbox or dinner plate!

Only three simple steps to make these gorgeous baby penguins:

1. Place the rice in the penguin mold, press the lid on firmly to compact the rice. 
2. Cut a sheet of nori (seaweed) with the cut out punch. Press firmly in all corners of the punch until the nori stops crunching.
3. Carefully place the cut out pieces on the rice and voila!

Kit includes:

  • Penguin Mould  (made from polypropylene)
  • Cut-out punch   (made from ABS plastic)
  • Silicone cutting base   (made from silicone)

BPA Free

Hand washing recommended

To watch a great tutorial on how to make Baby Penguin Rice Moulds  CLICK HERE