Deco Rice Stick Set

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Your rice balls will never be boring with this Onigiri set! Create and decorate gorgeous small rice balls shaped as a stick/wand with ease.

With this set you can make cat, panda, heart and star designs. The set includes the following:

- 1 Rice Stick mould with handle 
- 2 Nori cutters 
- 1 Silicone mat for the Nori cutter
- 1 carry case

Make Rice Sticks in 3 simple steps:

1. Place the cooked rice in the mould. Press firmly with lid. Push out.

2. Cut a sheet of nori (seaweed) with the cut out punch.

3. Place the cut out pieces on the rice and your all done!

Great for your bento lunch box or meals at home. Or perhaps pack a quick snack in the carry case included.

Why not add a little phunk to your Rice Sticks? Try painting a little soy sauce on the ends to add some colour to your cat/panda stick. Or colour the rice pink with a little beetroot juice, green with some finely mashed peas, orange with some finely grated carrot or yellow with a little curry powder (depending on your taste buds)!

Materials : 
Mould - polypropylene
Cutters - ABS plastic
Cutting base - silicone

BPA free

Precautions : Hand washing is recommended. Not microwave-safe. Not Dishwasher-safe. Do not put in oven or stove.

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