Dinosaur Food Picks



If you've got a little dinosaur lover then these picks are going to excite their lunch box world! Create a little dinosaur lunch land or simply skewer a few foods together. Either way they will be delighted when they open their lunch box!

The picks are useful for skewering food together, or to make things easy to eat for little hands, as well as to decorate your bento. 

Includes 6 picks:

Tyrannosaurus :           Approx  5x1x2 cm
Triceratops :                 Approx  4.5x1x2.5 cm
Stegosaurus :               Approx  4.5x1x2.5 cm
Apatosaurus :               Approx  5x1x2 cm
Baby Tyrannosaurus :   Approx  4x1x1.5 cm
Baby Apatosaurus :      Approx  4x1x1.5 cm

  • Not microwave safe.
  • Hand wash only (they'd get lost in the dishwasher!)
  • Keep out of reach of younger children.
  • Made of ABS plastics
  • Made in China.