Goodbyn Duo 2-in-1 Insulated Food Jar - Blue

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Introducing Goodbyn Duo 2-in-1 (705ml) Insulated food jars..... 

These will keep your food hot for 7 hours and cold for 9 hours. 

Perfect for a hot lunch at school or work over winter. Perhaps soup in the Insulated Jar and croutons in the glass top. Or keep fruit or yogurt cool over summer in the Insulated Jar and cereal in the glass top. Your options are endless!

The 235ml / 8oz Glass top compartment keeps small portions or condiments separate until you're ready to eat. 
The 470ml / 16oz Insulated stainless steel bottom is perfect for portion-controlled main courses.

Designed for the planet 
Did you know that almost all competitor food jars will end up as landfill? Yep. Because most food jars are made of mixed materials (think plastic glued to stainless steel, cork with stainless, silicone and plastic…) they will need to become rubbish if they break or you tire of them. The Goodbyn 2-in-1 Insulated Food Jar was designed from scratch with the planet in mind. It's 97% recyclable. All of the components can be easily disassembled. Those that aren't recyclable (the cord and silicone seals) can be reused. The food jar should last for years but should it break, it can and should be recycled.

Designed for you 
The 2-in-1 is designed to be super easy to use and take care of. All of the parts screw into each other much like a simple jar. This makes the product very easy to wash. No creepy cracks that grow mold or hold smelly food. The mouths of both the stainless steel jar and the glass are nice and wide so that it's easy to see when all the food is cleaned out.

Safety first
The soda glass (same as storage jars but thicker and more durable) is naturally BPA and BPS free and is, by nature, recyclable. The stainless steel is food grade 18/8. The plastic is #5 PP, BPA and BPS free. It's the same plastic used in yogurt containers - and 100% recyclable. 

Feel good about the products you use.

Don't buy products that end up as garbage.

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