Goodbyn Hero Lunch Box (includes 2 leak proof dippers) - Neon Yellow Green


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Stylish and practical eating on the go that you will love!  Goodbyn Hero comes with a 3 compartment main container (fits a full sandwich!) and 2 Goodbyn dippers for ultimate flexibility.  So you decide how to design your lunch!
Goodbyn Hero keeps foods separated: sandwiches won't taste like your banana and your fresh fruit won't have crumbs in it! 
So what actually fits?

Large compartment: Perfect for a full sandwich or salad, sliced apples, oranges, even a banana.
Smaller compartments: Fits pasta, salad, cereal, crackers, a whole apple, muffin or even a shaped egg!
Medium and large dippers: Pack dressing, hummus, yogurt, granola or additional snacks.
Made from 100% recyclable food-safe plastics (#5 polypropylene) which is FDA approved and is the most benign of all plastics. BPA- and phthalate-free, Goodbyn products comply with all New Zealand/Australia/US/Europe standards for direct/indirect food contact and child safety.
Goodbyn products are built to last. But when you’re done, they are completely recyclable.
Top rack dishwasher safe
Freezer safe

You get 3 containers in 1, plus two dippers for ultimate versatility.

Main Box: 27.23 cm x 17.35 cm x 6.96 cm
Medium dipper: 6.83 cm x 6.83 cm x 3.5 cm
Large dipper: 7.78 cm x 7.78 cm x 4.57 cm

Large compartment: 4.78 cups
Two smaller compartments: 1.1 cups each
Medium dipper: 0.33 cups or 77 ml 
Large dipper: 0.75 cups or 177 ml 
Only the lidded dipper containers are leak proof, not the main lunchbox.