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Meet Coal Mega Food Jar

Made for big appetites, this Mega Food Jar holds a whopping 500ml! Take delicious homemade food along to the office, school, or on your next road trip!

Keeping warm food toasty, or cold food chilled. With his own silicone bumper base to keep him lookin' his best, he's looking fine and ready for lunchtime!

Here’s why these Food Jars are so epic:

  • 500ml Capacity
  • Vacuum insulated, double-walled stainless steel
  • Scratch and dent resistant finish
  • Comes with handy silicone cutlery band for keeping utensils secure on the go
  • Wide mouth opening - easier to get food in and out!
  • Flip-up handle - easy to carry and gives extra leverage when opening
  • Removable (and replaceable!) silicone seals for easy cleaning - no hidden nasties!
  • 5 hours of warming, 7 hours of cooling
  • Silicone bumper base - extra protection against drops, rubs and scruffs (keeps him lookin’ mighty fine!)
  • Dishwasher safe to 70°C.


For hot food, we recommend pre-heating the food jar by filling it with boiling water and resting the lid on top for 10 minutes before use. Please do not screw the lid back on while pre-warming the jar. Heat your food slightly hotter than you'd like to eventually eat it, as it will cool slightly. Fill the jar as full as possible to retain the most heat; empty space causes the food to cool more quickly. When securing the lid, we recommend loosening it a little to prevent vacuum suction. Exercise caution with hot foods to avoid burns and scalds.

For cold food, we recommend pre-cooling the food jar by filling it with ice and water for 10 minutes before use.

Tips when using the Food Jar:

- When heating the jar up, don’t screw on the lid, just put the lid on top while it is pre-heating. This avoids damaging the seals for the lid which can cause lids to get stuck.
- After putting hot food in the jar and screwing the lid on, unscrew it slightly before sending it off to school etc. This will help prevent the lid from over vacuuming causing it to get stuck.

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    Ruth (Dunedin, NZ)
    Good size for my 12 year old

    This one is a good size for my 12 year old. Also loved the handle. Easy to clean and the rubber inside is detachable where you can clean thoroughly