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Fresh and Easy Lunchbox Recipes from a Japanese Working Mum.

A collection of family-friendly, easy and inexpensive recipes used and honed over many years by Japanese mum Kanae Inoue.

Real Bento is packed with the time-saving tricks that allow you to make bento box lunches each morning in just 10 minutes, using ingredients and recipes that will satisfy the whole family! The recipes are presented by flavour type and key ingredient, so it's easy for parents to find dishes their kids will love. In Real Bento, Inoue presents 200 recipes, divided into "main dishes" and "sides" for 22 completed bento boxes. In her recipes, Inoue places great emphasis on healthy, fresh and colourful foods that look and taste great when presented together.

Her recipes include Japanese favourites and original recipes like: Teriyaki Chicken, Stuffed Bell Peppers, Ginger Salmon Broccoli and Pasta Salad, Beef and Egg Stir Fry.  Inoue got hooked on bento fifteen years ago, when she began making daily bento box lunches for her husband and herself to take to work, and later for their three children to take to school. She sees bento box lunches as a way of saving money and getting her family to eat fresher, healthier meals. This beginning bento book is a perfect tool for getting lunches packed and a family out the door on a busy morning!

About the Author

Kanae Inoue is a wife, mother of three teenagers, a well-known author of bento cookbooks and a popular food blogger and personality in her home country of Japan. Her delicious, economical, and family-friendly recipes for bentos have garnered her a huge following.

Industry Reviews

"Preparing a bento box at home, for yourself and your family, is after all not that difficult and actually quite affordable. Real Bento brings that point home! [A] treasure throve for all of us out there who want to try our hand at making our own bentos, in our own kitchen, for our own family." -

"...packed from cover to cover with the time-saving tricks that allow even the most novice of kitchen cooks to make bento box incredibly practical and easy-to-use resource for busy households!" - Midwest Book Review

"...[a] bento cookbook designed for busy families, full of time-saving tricks so you can still have healthy, delicious packed lunches without the need to give up valuable sleep time." - Book Riot

"[Inoue] takes a very pragmatic, streamlined approach to making bentos, based on her years of making them for her three children...There are lots of quick and easy recipes..." - Makiko Itoh, author of The Just Bento Cookbook and blogger at

"This beginner bento book is a perfect tool for getting lunch/dinner packed and a family out the door on a busy morning! I would recommend it!" -ET Speaks from Home blog

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Real Bento Recipe Book

This is going to be well utilised. I cannot wait to start filling my bento with some of the recipes in this book. There is a great range of recipes and easy to follow instructions.