Sealed Sandwich Maker - Circle



Have you ever made a sandwich with your favourite fillings or leftovers, only to have it ooze out the side as you take your first bite?  Not any more with this Circle Sealed Sandwich Maker! 

It carefully removes the crusts and tightly seals the sandwich leaving a perfectly sealed Circle sandwich!

Here's how to create your sealed circle sandwich using soft/fresh bread:

1.  Place a piece of bread on the bottom.

2.  Put your filling of choice in the middle on the bread, ensuring it doesn't extend to the edges (don't over fill).

3.  Place another piece of bread over the top of the filling.

4.  Place cutter on top of your sandwich and press down firmly for a few seconds. Remove cutter.

  • Why not try lightly toasting your sandwich
  • Great for making individual pies etc..
  • You can also make half size sandwiches by folding the bread in half before using the cutter. 


The circle pockets are approx 9 cm in diameter.

BPA free and made of 100% food safe polypropylene (PP)

We recommend hand washing this product.  


Made in Japan