Shikiri Bento Lunch Box

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The Shikiri Bento Lunch Box has a simple concept: compartments, and lots of them.  Perfect for litter-free lunches at it's best! 

Shikiri means 'divider' in Japanese, and the Shikiri Bento includes more inner dividers than any other single bento box.  Shikiri Bento is a bento box with a lot of functionality and it's neutral colour and design are suitable for use by anyone.

This makes it effortless to pack a very diverse meal.  You can pack a little of everything so your child doesn't get bored, creating a healthy balanced meal full of important nutrients whilst keeping lunches exciting!  

The Bento Lunch box is perfect for both Adults and Children!  It comes in a simple, modern design of black and white making it perfect for adults to take to work, classes, or outdoor activities.  And when your child out grows the kids designs, it's the perfect solution for something functional and grown up!

The lid has a silicone rim and clips to securely snap on to the box. It also has a transparent compartment on the outer side of the lid to hold a pair of chopsticks (included), or to store anything you like - perhaps a napkin, picks etc...

You can choose to have your lunch Your way!  

  • 3 moveable elements : a horizontal separator, and two 3-compartment inner dividers or cups that fit nicely
  • Use the horizontal separator in it for simple bentos
  • Use one of the divider cups for multi-item bentos
  • Use both of the divider cups for a bento with lots of little portions
  • Single layer lunch box without compartments for more versatility if wanted
  • Keep food separate without spoiling 

As you can see the Shikiri Bento Lunch box is extremely versatile and it can adapt to your daily needs, while making sure you're excited about having lunch!

Volume:  870 ml
Dimensions:  20 cm x 16.5 cm x 5.5 cm

Made of polypropylene
BPA Free

Microwave Safe (maximum 2 minutes and 700 watts) with lid removed.

Do not put in an oven or on the stove.

Dishwasher Safe (without lid).

** Please note this lunchbox is NOT leakproof between sections.

Authentic Bento product from Japan, supplied by phunkyBento.

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