Yumbox Panino Bento Lunchbox (4 Compartment) - Neptune Blue

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Get ready to revolutionise lunches! Yumbox Panino Bento Lunchbox makes it possible for you to pack a nutritionally balanced meal in minutes!  Yumbox Panino is your lunch time go-to for adults and kids of all ages.

Pack a sandwich (crusts on), salads, sides and snacks. Yumbox Panino is the same compact size as the original but holds more food for growing kids and adults. It’s perfect for school, work and weight conscious lunches. 

Yumbox is leak proof! Pack wet foods like yogurt and applesauce (not water). Seals with one lid. Kid-friendly latch. Removable illustrated tray holds approx 3 cups.

Reuse and Save! Yumbox saves you money by eliminating the need for bags, multiple containers, plastic wrap and snack packs. Pack a waste free lunch.

Includes Neptune Blue exterior box and illustrated Space-themed food group tray insert.


  • Seals with one lid. Kid-friendly latch. Removable illustrated tray. 
  • Leak proof inside and out, yogurt next to crackers - no worries!
  • 4-compartment Yumbox is recommended for kids and adults
  • 3 Cup volume: One 2 cup sandwich/salad-friendly section, two 1/2 cup servings plus a 30 ml dip/treat well.
  • Includes exterior box and tray insert with illustrations
  • It offers variety and promotes healthy eating habits. Yumbox is perfect for picky eaters.
  • Its compact size and illustrated tray makes every lunch an adventure in good nutrition.
  • Dishwasher-safe up to 65°C top rack, hand washing the lid is highly recommended to prolong the longevity of the seal.
  • Made with all food-safe materials BPA- Free, Phthalates - Free
  • Sturdy ABS (outer box), Tritan (tray) and Silicone (seal)
  • Measures approx 21 x 15 x 5 cm
  • Designed in France and the USA
  • 1 year manufacturers warranty

                        Please note:

                        Do not overfill compartments and remove any excess liquid from canned fruit, apple sauce and yogurts.

                        When shutting the Yumbox, press down on the lid with the palm of your hand and snap latch to closed position to create the best seal.

                        Do not pack yogurt drinks,or runny, watery dressings. Do pack sauces with the consistency of mayonnaise, tomato sauce, chunky salsas, hummus, yogurt and dips etc

                        Yumbox is dishwasher safe at a maximum temperature 65C/149F. Top rack only. We highly recommend hand washing the outer shell and/or removing it before the heat dry cycle.

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