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Squeeze with ease thanks to the Zoku Summer Pop Moulds.

Each set makes up to 6 of your favourite pops at a time. Just pour juice, yogurt, smoothies, or your own recipe. Place the compact base in your freezer for nearly flawless pops every time. Once the pops are frozen, remove the lid and simply squeeze. The silicone pouch will release the pop—no need to run under water.

Too many brain freezes? Use the spill-resistant pouches to take dry snacks on-the-go.


1. Arrange moulds into compact base and pour chilled juice into the moulds up to the fill line
2. Place caps on top and freeze filled moulds for 6+ hours
3. Remove cap and gently squeeze pop - no rinsing required


6 x silicone pop moulds
6 x spill-resistant lids
1 x compact base

Hand Wash

BPA and phthalate free