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Look no further if you've ever wanted to make beautiful Sushi at home but it's always fallen into the too-hard basket.  With this Simple Sushi Maker I promise it's never been so easy!!

Cook rice (sushi rice is best but any rice will work).  Leave to cool, and prepare fillings for your Sushi. Once ready, follow the steps below:

  1. Place rice in base up to half way fill line.

  2. Place your choice of fillings along the middle.

  3. Fill to the top with more rice. 

  4. Place the top of the sushi maker onto the rice and press down firmly.  Allow to sit for a few minutes so rice binds together.

  5. Remove lid and turn out onto Nori (seaweed) paper already on the bench.  Now carefully roll Nori paper and rice roll together, leaving 1cm at end.  Dab a little water along end of Nori and finish rolling.

  6. Allow to cool for 10 - 15 minutes.  Cut into pieces with a sharp knife!!

    Watch our quick video below to show you how it's done: 

    You are now ready to wow all your dinner guests, work mates or school friends with perfect professional looking Sushi.


    Yellow Sushi Maker

    Dimensions:  20.5 x 6.5 x 6 cm

    To make Sushi 4.5 cm in diameter

    Made of PP plastic

    BPA Free

    Dishwasher safe


    Authentic Bento product from Japan, supplied by phunkyBento.



    Customer Reviews

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    Jessica Spicer
    Love it!

    Love this product so much. Love being able to make homemade sushi with ease. So simple but so good!

    Ffion Griffin-Blair
    Makes Life so Easy!

    Just makes things a tad easier to whip up sushi rolls in a pinch!

    Easy to use

    As the name suggests, very simple to use. Easy for the kids to make their own sushi.

    Tracey Rae
    Sushi maker

    Its great easy to use highly reccomend

    Erena Johnston
    Time Saver

    Love this product, my 3 kids love sushi in their lunches, but I was finding it time consuming to roll, with this device my 10 year old can roll the sushi. Love it, simple to use and clean which is a bonus.