Our Story

Quality Reusable Solutions to Make Lunchtime Fun & Easy!


Hey, I'm Nic!

Founder / boss lady here at phunkyBento.  
We’re a small family-owned business located just North of Christchurch, New Zealand.
I’m a mum of 2 awesome boys, Hadlee (15) and Corban (10), plus wife to a pretty fab husband.


My phunky journey began when Hadlee started school. I would spend a bit of time in the classroom and stayed for a lunch break. I quickly saw the everyday struggles little ones were having opening individually packaged foods in their lunch box. It was time consuming for them and challenging for the teacher. They spent more time trying to open foods than actually eating them! Nor did plastic and paper look exciting or appetising!

It left me thinking there must be an easier way?

Fast forward to 2015 and phunkyBento was born, my third child. The go-to place for stylish and practical lunch box solutions.

Quality and service is everything to us! We’ve done the work to find the best quality, practical and reusable solutions for the whole family. If it’s not good enough to be used in our own family, then it’s not good enough for you!  That's why all our Lunch Boxes are thoroughly tested by Hadlee, Corban and the hubby. Our bento lunch boxes have individual compartments which keep food separate and make packing a breeze – no individual wrapping required. Bonus, the food looks great!

They have changed our life, as they will yours ♥

We're here to make lunchtime fun and a whole lot easier, so you can focus on the more important things.

- cos' you've got enough on your plate!

We love to hear what you guys think, need and want – we’re always looking for great new products.

So give me a shout nic@phunkybento.co.nz 

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